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Welcome to Home Espresso Maker.org, a site which contains elementary and advanced information about the purchase of home espresso machines. Purchasing a machine is generally a large investment for most households who want to have a time honored tradition of a cup of espresso coffee every morning in their home.

There are soooo many espresso machines available like Ariston, Bosch, Breville, Briel, Capresso, DeLonghi, Francis Francis, Krups, Nepresso…the list is staggering so, my looking at the reviews available about the machines, you can make an educated choice based on your budget and taste preference. Whatever the choice you make, our mission is clear – to provide you with solid information about espresso machines.

Home espresso makers are becoming more and more popular today as people are watching their budgets but don’t want to skimp on the daily espresso ritual. Finding a quality machine takes a bit of research and analysis but once you find the right one, the dance towards a perfect cup of  “espresso” will be worth the time and energy.

If you already know which espresso machine you would like to purchase, check out Amazon.Com. With over 350 espresso machines available, you will most likely get the best deal available on the internet plus free shipping in most instances.

What is a Espresso Machine?

Defined by several authority sources, an espresso machine produces the hot Italian coffee beverage called “espresso.” These machines must force water through finely ground coffee so that the surface tension produced by the coffee will release the flavor and after taste so magnificent to espresso drinkers. Because of the quick, high intensity extraction process, espresso machines produce beverages that have less caffeine (which is a surprise to most) but more flavor than traditional coffee made from a drip machine. The red color that is in the espresso is called “crema.”  The concentration of dissolved liquids produces crema which is the flavor of the drink and is the base for most other coffee drinks such as mochas, lattes, cappuccino’s and macchiato.

Which Espresso Machine Should I Buy?

This is such a personal question because everyone has different palattes and different requirements from their machines. If you want to learn more about espresso machines, go to your favorite espresso bar (at a time when it is not busy of course) and ask to speak to the “head barista” (in Italy, that would be your head espresso maker). Perhaps your local Starbucks can walk you through their process of making your favorite kind of espresso. This is an art that has some complexities so, take some time and learn the art behind the craft of making a great cup of espresso.


How To Make Coffee In A Coffee Maker

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The French invented a crude espresso machine but it was the Italians that perfected and manufactured the machine.